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Project Description
Access SVN adds to Microsoft Access (MS Access) support for Subversion SVN Source control

What is MS Access SVN

MS Access SVN its a tool to integrate MS Access solutions with svn source control.

An MS Access solution is compound by any of the following components:
  • VBA code in modules and classes
  • Forms: design and VBA code
  • Reports: design and VBA code
  • Queries: Query definition. Only for mdb files
  • Macros
  • Access Pages
  • Tables: only for mdb file format
  • Database properties
    • Database properties, including startup form options
    • Table relations: only for mdb files
    • References: References to other libraries or MS Access files

MS Access SVN will support the following file formats
  • mdb: Classic file format
  • adp: Access projects: in this files, queries and tables are stored in a sql server database, wich has tools enought to export and create sql scripts.
  • accdb: New file format for Access 2007 and following

You can work with a GUI interface or with a command line tool for batch processing.


  • Version 1.0: Full export objects to text files
  • Version 1.5: Full import objects from text files
  • Version 1.6: Command line support (Released)
    • Version 1.6.5: Import objects improvements (command line and UI)
  • Version 1.7: Support for accdb file format
  • Version 2.0: Implement a svn client as Access add-in for basic task (commit, check out) without exit from Access

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